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stay natural

finding beauty in ordinary things

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i'm livin' my life like it's golden.

hi, friend! my friend!
{: Karen Michelle, Karelle, Ker, Keren, Ka, xquasarx;
{: 18 years old, fangirl, filipino, college student, pseduo-otaku, near-polyglot;
{: She is all over the net. Lurking in many places;
what's your hobby? happy? i'm happy!
arashi, JE, news, kanjani8, kamenashi kazuya, tomapi, nishikido ryo, kuroki meisa, horikita maki, chocolates, japanese shows, japanese humor, cooking shows, the internet, colored hair, rainbows, miniatures and cute things, high-heeled shoes, blue, purple, pink, manga, sushi, italian food, strawberries, colored pens, mysterious things... eccentricity in general.
this is the nth journal that i own & is the main journal i'm using now. this contains stuff that will uninterest many. though, there are also graphics and such in here.
that was unexpectedly plain.

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