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Finally, one more day and it's temporary freedom for me. We finally get a brief break from all the school works and tasks (not from RES-MF though). And by April 1, I'll start having my OJT at Hero TV as a graphic artist... I think. Yaaay.

The past school year had been a tough roller coaster ride for all of us... Tougher than the Space Shuttle at EK. The year started out with the entire reshuffling issue, which shattered our dreams of being blockmates 'til 4th year. Many were dissatisfied, some were aloof, but very little did not complain about the reshuffling of students. Come first day of classes, hostility against people from other sections were greatly noticeable among one another.  

With the passing of months, group work after group work were assigned as well. Sometimes we opted to group ourselves with those people we are most familiar with, and other times we grouped ourselves with new people. But by the end of the first semester, the class of 3CA1 was still left hanging in the getting-to-know stage.

Much of the change happened during the second semester (as it usually does for me). The group works increased in number until we reached a point where those were the only things we did--thesis, Advertising, Filipino reports, Theater, Radio production, Literature reports. This is the semester which started out as smooth-flowing because professors were more often than not missing, and progressed on to be highly stressful. But amidst all the pressure, stress and tension among people, this was the time when the class came to know each other better. It was also during this time when the entire batch became acquainted to one another and became united as one.

If one were to ask me whether I regret being reshuffled, I would probably say no. True, I dearly miss the original CA1 people. But if it were not for the reshuffling, I would not have been able to know my batchmates as I do now.

Third year felt like a whirlwind. It passes you by quickly, but keeps you confused and dazed with many happenings until it leaves you. Personally, I feel that the journey has just begun and much more will happen during our 4th and last year as CA students. Much more will happen most especially for me since I'm a Pandora's box that's just been opened.

And I say, let the journey begin. :D

Sabog na. I want vacation now.
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