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I have a bad tendency to forget things. Poor me. And because of that, I made a list of Asian dramas and movies that I've watched, am watching and plan to watch. Just so I can keep track. XD

Updated: 2009.04.25

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Yesterday was one helluva day, eh?

Got to UST at 11.30AM, went to ABS-CBN at 3.30PM, went home from ABS-CBN at 11.45PM.
Lutang lang lahat ng mga tao e. Oh, sa paningin ko lang yun na medyo sabog ang mga tao kasi parang lahat kami walang sens of time? Ay teka, ako lang ata yun. Mabibigla na lang pag tingin sa orasan at makikita, 9PM na pala, samatalang parang a few minutes ago ay 7PM pa lang.

Artists love white walls.
Artists live on mentos and free food.
Artists are picky with their environments.
Artists cannot share their secrets... or else they won't have jobs.
Artists are procrastinators.
Artists need music.
Artists are ma-arte.


True enough, I did not spend for either my lunch or my dinner yesterday. But the money I supposedly saved from those free meals were gone before today ended. In fact, I was content with drinking from other people's water, killing my throat with a bunch of candy, and burning my tongue with hot Milo from the vending machine, to last me throughout the 12 hours of the day I was outside my house. But then, I had to pay 120 for the cab ride home at 12MN. So there goes my money. Odd, traveling at 12MN used to seem so scary and impossible before. :\
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I just came home a few hours ago from a ballet performance in CCP, which I must say was really something new to my eyes. :D I was trying to absorb everything about the performances that I literally shut everyone else out of my world. I really wanted to understand ballet since reading that essay for our Art Appreciation class, but then again, seeing it once won't make anyone understand something as abstract as art.

As I was watching the performance, I came to understand art better. One aspect of art is recreating reality by portraying them in a different perspective. Art aims to present everyday experiences in a different medium. The struggles of swimmers could be a good example of that. The art form of dance tried to present the lives of swimmers to audiences that know nothing of  swimmers' experiences and emotions. 

Out of all the performances, I loved the one with the tilted chandelier and eerie background music. But out of all of them, that was the one I cannot visualize anymore. If my understanding is not mistaken, they were a pair of conniving criminals... the chandelier and the odd red background makes me think they are murderers. They are probably lovers as well but it was definitely the guy leading in the crimes because at some parts, the girl was allowing herself to be used. In the end, they got caught and that's the end of their performance.

I also loved the orchestra, and the piano and choir accompaniments. But when they joined, I was at a loss as to what I should watch. I watched the piano accompaniment and choir accompaniment more than the ballet performance even though that was the highlight. XD I should definitely watch the Philippine Philharmonic this September. :D


Back to reality:
I feel so left behind and lost. Haha. I don't know which one to begin with. PRSP, IMC, Art App...? Or maybe sleep? Hahaha.
Kailangan ko na magsimula talaga. XD

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Two-hour ride home from UST to Fairview in an FX with no decent air-conditioning just made my day. Seriously. And here I was, thinking that I could get home early and have a head start on the PRSP thingy. I caught a nice sign on the way home, though; I hope it really is a sign for better things to come.

I've always had this weird fascination for Astronomy since I was five. One of the things that amaze me about this subject matter is the universe's composition. Just knowing that the universe's--the vast amount of space that we're all currently existing in--immense scale houses every single thing that exists to our knowledge such as stars, galaxies, black holes amaze me to no end. But then again, there is this philosophy that states a thing/person's existence begins with the knowledge of it so there may be more things out there yet to be discovered.

Since I've began reading about them, I've managed to learn many things about the universe. One of them is parallel universes. Many scientists believe that there could be many universes co-existing with one another just like galaxies do. They even believe that black holes or worm holes could be the link between two universes.

I don't really have any mathematical or scientific knowledge of the existence of physical parallel universes but I do know they exist somehow. You see, beings that exist in parallel universes technically co-exist with one another under the same concept of time and within the same space. But since these beings exist in literally different universes, no matter how overlapping their time and space can be, they can never see one another. It's like existing in the same space, and yet not existing in the same space at the same time. The only way they could ever see one another is if one passes through a worm or black hole in order to move into the other universe.

In the same way, a difference in time can cause the same effect. From the point of view of a normal person, a person who moves in the speed of light will seem to disappear even though they still actually co-exist within the same space. The fast moving person just seems to be invisible because the normal person's eyes were not created to see things at such a great speed. From the fast person's point of view, though, everyone would seem to be frozen since their pace are too slow to catch up with the fast person. Those people are together in their separateness, and they're separate in their togetherness.

I hate writer's block. Film critic and PRSP in a brief while. Yeaaaaaaah. I don't hate school work anymore. Hahahahaha. I'm calm. :D
But my eyes' grade got higher, IMO. I think my vision shortened even further. T__________T Must endure. :P

I loved Ethics class earlier. It was very enlightening. :D Karol Wotyjla's existential humanism has once again taught me to understand people and helped me regain my lost patience, while cutting loose all the selfishness I had tied onto me. It did not teach me to tolerate things that I deem essentially wrong, though. I used to tolerate things even when they're wrong but now, I just can't. Or rather, I have decided not to because I believe I'm old enough to know what is good and bad, right and wrong. And I believe that I have reached a certain level of maturity wherein I could properly discern my actions to the greater benefit of all. Things can only get better from this point.
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I came home, went in the house, faced the bed and dove straight to slumber. Somehow I just felt tired. That the day felt tiring somewhat. Perhaps negative energies are clinging onto me and they weigh ten times heavier than their counterpart. Dark matter.

I really couldn't concentrate on the exam yesterday. I hate it. And to think I studied and made notes and envisioned the words transforming into pictures in my head. In the end, I couldn't let the pictures transform back into words. In the end, I couldn't let them flow through my veins to my fingertips and onto the paper.

It all began with that one instance. Prior to that, a living thought engulfed me and lead me to that instance. And now I am here.

"For once the shadows gave way to light
For once I didn't disengage."

It was almost a perfect day.
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Finally, a day of rest. :D Yay.

Ateneo was a breather from everything that has been happening. Saw through_theiris and Pauline while I was there. (Super duper thanks Momi for accompanying us around Ateneoooo. ^_^) Yaaaaaaay. :D

Somehow, He has been answering my questions one by one throughout the day, and even gave me an added bonus. I can never be thankful enough for those.

The Tenders meal and Wicked Oreo dessert at Flaming Wings was a really nice treat after a long struggle with confusion and stress. Haha. Emo pala ako. Now I'm finally ready to bounce back to school work... I think.

And for some odd reason, the old lady I sat with in the trike from UP to Commonwealth enlightened me. She ranted to me out of the blue and told me about how sad she was because most of the people she meets are so consumed by many things that when you look at their faces, their eyebrows are sure to be in a "V" shape. (Haha. Talk about stressed people. *silentlyhidesinacorner* Hahaha.) She was also ranting about how expensive things are that she wishes her children would not be too materialistic. She was telling me the things that she endures just so she could give her children what they want. Parang nakaka-guilty lang isipin pero thankful ako at naka-sabay ko siya sa trike at ako ang natripan niyang pag-rant-an. :D

At ngayon lang talaga nag-sink in sakin ang transformation ko from a timid girl to a talkative one. But on the second thought, tahimik pa rin talaga ako. LOL. Hindi na magbabago yun. 

Now off to Art Appreciation. :P

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I've started watching Bakemonogatari out of sheer curiosity, and so far, it does not fail to amuse me with its oddness.

I particularly liked the 3rd episode. The setting was a playground. The two main characters were in that location the entire time, and their journey was through their conversation. What I really loved about their conversation was its free-flowing nature. You could tell it's a conversation of two bored people who kept no effort at trying to unveil their inner selves and were pretty much open-minded about things. (And I say bored because if the other person wasn't bored, he/she would be offended mid-way and immediately leave the conversation. Either that or he/she would think they're talking about weird things.)

I also liked how the conversation seemed to go in circles and seemed as if it were endless. The things they say are pretty random but well thought-of, especially for the case of Senjougahara. At a glance, their conversation seems shallow. They were talking about many random things. But taking a closer look would allow someone to see the two characters' real personality/thoughts. In short, the conversation was a reflection of themselves.

One funny aspect of it was Senjougahara constantly tormenting Araragi with questions that seem to attack him directly, hence require him to give an answer that would reveal his true personality... subtly. Plus she (Senjougahara) likes to play with words and sentences so much that she bluffs most of the time to get a honest response from him (Araragi). 

It seems like a conversation I would make with someone who I'd like to know when I get bored. You know, when some person grabs your interest for no apparent reason and you feel that you just want to know him or her better, and vice versa. Yes, it's that kind of a conversation.

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Pictures from last August 5, when Pauline, postulatedruler and I joined the Filipino people in mourning for the late Pres. Cory Aquino.

One of the things I really dislike is getting sick even though I often got sick as a child. I was quite thankful that the weak feeling I had this morning subsided. But then in its place came this sore throat soooo horrid that I want to bare my neck open and scratch my throat to quell the pain/itch. If I could continuously gulp hot water without the fear of bloating and eventually my self-demise, I would do so. It's so irritating, I just can't stand it. RAAAAWR.

It seems like I haven't had much patience for things lately. I want to slow down and relax so badly that seeing people who are carefree irritate me. Not being able to talk properly irritates me. My sloooow computer irritates me. The apparent butchering of the English language gravely irritates me. (And no amount of justification can make me accept the "dito na me; where na you?" syntax at this point. People, you are great at speaking in English. Even much better at it than you are with Filipino. Why is there a need to purposely mess up on something you are good at? Aaah. But then again, I don't really care anyway.)

*Deep sigh* I'm just tired. Just give me an ample time to rest and regain myself and I'd be back chirping like a gleeful bird in the morning.

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